2 bedroom, 1 bath home with carport, dishwasher, washer&dryer, carport located in town near MSU and gospital. Available August 15th.

Call 606-784-4322 for info. $850/month with utilities included or $625/month plus utilities.

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3 bedroom, 1 bath, brick home with carport, wood floors, new paint, new carpet, washer&dryer, dishwasher, central heat&air.

The home is located in Park Hills subdivision about 5 miles from downtown Morehead. Available immediately.

Call 606-784-4322 for information.

Category: 3 Bedrooms, Houses

3 bedroom with 2 baths, nice kitchen, hardwood floors, dishwasher, washer&dryer, central heat&air, all electric, located approx. 1 mile from town. Rent, INCLUDING utilities for 2 bedroom units is $370-380/person(based on 2 people) and for 3 bedroom units is $280-$290/person (based on 3 people). Located approximately 2 miles from campus. Call 606-784-4322

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3 bedroom, 2 bath with hardwood floors, centarl air, washer&dryer, dishwasher, new carpet, chair rail moulding, 1 mile from town. Super NICE with utilities included. Call 606-784-4322.

Call 606-784-4322


Category: 3 Bedrooms, Apartments

Four bedroom, 2 bath  mobile home with hardwood floors,washer&dryer, central air, new paint,etc. In a great location approximately 1 mile from town. Perfect for college students, VERYaffordable with utilties included, close to town, lots of parking, available Aug. 1st. Call 606-784-4322


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2 Bedroom,1 bath, central heat & air, washer/dryer, located 1 mile from downtown Morehead & MSU. NICE!
Phone: 606-784-4322

Category: 2 Bedrooms, Mobile Homes